Workshop for PhD Students

14. 3. 2024 -

  • Date & Time: 9.4. 13:00; 23.4. 13:30; 24.4. 13:00
  • Location: MENDELU campus, Q building

Unlocking the Secrets of Effective Scientific Writing

A Workshop for PhD Students 

Join us for an illuminating workshop designed exclusively for PhD students eager to master the art of crafting and disseminating their research effectively.

Workshop Focus Areas:

Understanding the Structure of a Scientific Paper: Learn the essential components of a well-structured scientific paper.
Navigating the Rules for Publishing in Scientific Journals: Gain insights to ensure your work meets the rigorous standards of scholarly discourse.
Embracing Best Practices in Scientific Publishing: Learn from well-experienced researchers and come discuss your questions in this area.

Why Attend?

Empower Your Research Journey: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of academic publishing confidently.
Gain Insider Insights: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned researchers who will share priceless tips.
Network with Peers: Connect with other fellow PhD students embarking on similar scholarly pursuits and exchange ideas in a supportive and collaborative environment.
Elevate Your Academic Profile: Position yourself for success by mastering the nuances of effective scientific communication. Enhance your publication track record and amplify the visibility of your research within the academic community.

Date & Time, location: 9. 4. 2024, 13:00 (Natural & Agricultural Sciences, prof. Godbold) - Q110

Date & Time: 23. 4. 2024, 13:30 (Social Sciences, prof. Hanousek) - Q110

Date & Time: 24. 4. 2024, 13:00 (Natural & Agricultural Sciencesprof. Miller) - Q47

Duration: 2h + discussion


Space is limited! (Max number of participants is 20)

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to unlock the secrets of scholarly publishing and propel your research career to new heights.

Reserve your spot today and embark on a journey towards academic excellence!

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