The Audiovisual Centre of Mendel University (formerly The Institute of Didactic Technology of the University of Agriculture in Brno) dates from 1992. 

As an Institute of Didactic Technology, the department was focused on service and teaching aids, their selection, and purchase for individual departments, operation of STA, screening of educational films from central workplaces. It also provided the screening of 35 mm films and the transcription of these films onto the medium. Instructional films were mainly acquired during the organization of Techfilm and Ekofilm shows, less from their work. 

The Institute of Didactic Technology maintained an extensive film archive (films were handed over to the Film Archive in Prague).

Since the 1930s, the world-renowned expert in collective cinematography, prof. Jan Calábek, former honorary chairman of the Czech Society of Scientific Cinematography, also developed cooperation with the then head of the Institute of Didactic Technology Dr. Milan Nováček. (Note: The Audiovisual Center is a member of this still existing company.)


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The services that our Audiovisual Center can offer you include, among others:

  • Production of educational, Internet, and other videos

    • production of educational films,

    • dubbing, making comments on films,

    • movie transcripts, format conversion (mp4, avi, mpg, mov, wmv, etc.),

    • recording of lectures, conferences, etc. and their placement on the web,

    • production of aftermovies from university events,

    • streaming videos to the Internet in FullHD quality,

    • production of films in FullHD and 4K quality.

  • PhotographyCD and DVD duplication

    • photographing employees and students on cards, printing photos,

    • creation and printing of an ID photo,

    • 360 ° virtual tours,

    • photo booth,

    • studio photography,

    • product photos,

    • documentary photography.

  • Card production

    • ISIC, ITIC, student, employee, external cards.
  • Technical support of AV equipment in school-wide classrooms

    • maintenance and repair of multimedia equipment,

    • teacher training,

    • consultation, technical support.

  • Service and maintenance of the Internal Information System

    • inserting messages into the TV and large-screen monitors - kiosks.
  • Rental of audiovisual equipment

    • data projectors, screens,

    • sound technology.

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