Open Access


The principle of Open Access is to provide unlimited online access to scientific information, which ensures self-archiving of articles (Green Open Access) in open repositories or publishing in open journals (Gold Open Access).

Open Access aims to enable all internet users to read, download, copy, print, search and distribute scientific literature.

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The benefits of Open Access

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for scientists/authors:

    • easier access to scientific knowledge, which brings an increase in citation rates
    • enables promotion of the authors and easier cooperation between colleagues and institutions
    • faster exchange of knowledge

for students:

    • easier access to the higher number of information sources

for publishers:

    • increased number of readers and citation rates of published articles, the increased impact factor of journals.


Two main ways of Open Access

Green Open Access - self-archiving of articles (preprint, postprint, publisher´s version) in open repositories – Open Access is enabled by authors.

Gold Open Access - publishing in Open Access journals – Open Access is enabled by publishers who publish articles in OA mode.


Gold OA

Information about OA journals can be found in the database Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). Czech OA journals are on this list.

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Open Access journals have an official logo of open lock: Proceedings of the conferences, e-books, books in PDF in OA can be found in the database Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)


Green OA

Electronic archives of the scientific institutions are created for archiving and better access to author´s scientific outputs. Authors do not pay anything for accessibility to their work.

Green way – archiving of the article after its publishing or after some time (time embargo) in the institutional repository in a form, which is in agreement with the publisher (preprint, postprint, Publisher´s Version/ PDF).

  • Preprint - the article has not yet been reviewed
  • Postprint - the article has already been reviewed but does not have a magazine imprint
  • Publisher's Version PDF - the final version of the article from the publisher in PDF

Database Sherpa/RoMEO provides information about publishers´ approach to self archiving of preprints and postprints in digital repositories.


List of international Open Access repositories


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